Tour, in pictures.

An enormous thank you to everyone who trekked out to see me--some of you braved wind and rain and others flew in from faraway states. I am grateful to every single one of you.

Writing about all of the events is less fun than posting the pictures I remembered to take, so it's pictures you'll get. ALSO, there are three more events left this year (HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!), and you can view them here. But if you can't make it to Charleston, Vegas, or Dallas, there are still a few signed copies of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and The Evolution of Mara Dyer left at:

Books and Books in Coral Gables, FL
Inkwood Books in Tampa, FL
Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville, IL
Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee, WI

Just call or email any of those stores and tell them you want to place an order for a signed copy.

And now--pictures!

Signing your preorders with the incredible Becky from Books & Books until close to midnight after the event.

Aside from the good company and the rockstar booksellers, Books & Books also has wine. 

My wonderful cousins--and Gbob himself.

View of Austin from the Congress St. Bridge, where I watched 2 million bats fly from their roost into the darkening sky. 

Drinks at the Moonshine Grill with my BFF Sheila. 

Meeting Cinda Williams Chima. I am in love with her. 

And Garth Nix, who is hilarious. 

And the amazing Andrea Cremer, who is the sweetest. 



Mojitos with Cinda Williams Chima.

Sean Williams, fellow horror fan and vegetarian, digging into the guac. 

Dinner at Austin's Roaring Fork.

Garth Nix demonstrates the dangers of living in Australia. 

Morgan, who drove great lengths to get to the TBF. Total sweetheart.
michelle hodkin

The talented and eloquent Hilary Weisman Graham and David Levithan, fellow TBF panelists!
michelle hodkin

Halloween decorations at Martinez Middle School. 

This was the display on my signing table after the 300-student-assembly. Note The Velveteen Rabbit and the New Adventures of Curious George. I could not even. 

Chocolates with my book cover on them. This school, seriously.

Some of the amazing students who were allowed to hang out and chat with me after the presentation, and Beth, a rockstar librarian.

Super, super sweet teen fan who read Evolution the day it came out, then made her mother trek all the way to my Anderson's signing. 

Bill, my wonderful media escort and friend, with Homer at Lake Michigan in Milwaukee.

Homer gives great kisses.


  1. evolution=mind blown michelle you are trully my hero but why did you have to make it that ending? oh well it was still fantastic

  2. Just because you live there....I WISH I LIVED IN AMERICA!!!


    1. oh i live in Canada not america

  3. Oh I'm jealous. I ordered this from Amazon. Poo lol.

  4. Chocolates with your book cover on them? Very, very cool.

    The fan who read your book the day it came out and then made her mom drive all that way so she could meet you? Priceless.


  5. :( ...Love the pics but wish you could show up in like barnes and nobles in manhattan...though that probably isn't the but idea now with all the crazy weather...*sigh*

  6. michelle i have found the perfect songs for mara they are breathe me by sia and my love by sia they are just very moving and i can see mara listening to them it totally explains what is going on in her head

  7. So I just finished The Evolution of Mara Dyer about 20 minutes ago and can I just say WOW? I just recently discovered Mara about 3 weeks ago (a YouTube recommendation) and have since finished both books. Just when I think there can't possibly be any more complexity added to the plot you throw in that ending!!! You are an amazing writer! You need to write a blog with good book recommendations while we all sit and wait on the third Mara Dyer book.


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