Retribution sneak peek

Not the kind of sneak peek you're hoping for, I know. It's still too early for that. But in the past, I've posted screenshots of my Scrivener corkboard for Unbecoming and Evolution, so I couldn't very well not do the same for Retribution.

So here it is:

It's heavy on influences and light on text because I can't share much yet. (I don't know when I will be able to share more, but when I know, you'll know too.)

Also, I've got a Retribution pinboard on Pinterest that I actually do update, so if you're the type that likes to look out for clues, that would be the place.

What else? I did a Skype visit today with my Spanish publisher, Edicionas Maeva, and a number of awesome book bloggers from Madrid. The questions asked were so smart and Marta, the translator, was a total star. They asked me to share a picture for the Twitter component of the chat, and since my dog is in it, I can't really pass up the opportunity to post it here too.
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  1. I absolutely love when you post the Scrivener cork boards. Thank you for sharing this piece of The Retribution with us! You are a doll, Michelle! <3

  2. Oh! Love everything about this post. I can't wait for Retribution!

  3. I love love love it! I miss Mara and Noah (especially Noah) , but I'll fix it in a few days ...

  4. I can't wait!!! I am counting down the days. I'm too excited!!! Aaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Awesonr awesome awesome. also thanks for posting! Its been sooo long, and i can never seem to get ahold of u on twitter lol. ur dog is so cute!

  6. My, I just viewed your pin board and I really enjoyed every bit of it! I find you a little bit mysterious and interesting as well. No offense, but I think you’re a little bit worried. Well I hope I’m wrong. Have a nice day and keep on smiling coz’ you look good on it!

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  7. Worried!!!
    i see a house, a chair and a thing looking like Mara´s chart, which means what? that she in the clinic being tourted Clockwork Orange Style?(because of the movie poster...)
    i see a indian wish tree! maybe??? more mara´s grandmother??
    and the book "pale fire", that´s gonna be her new companion? or is a hint, because the book talks about the apparent suicide of a girl.. is that how she going to escape from the clinic? or she hint only focus on the part of the book about the after life and supernatural?
    there another chart talking about "aversion" to the treatment and this next to a pile of dead bodies or hands... her aversion to the treatment is because she tried to kill?
    and i see a new city next to a really sad quote.. maybe she going to excape the clinic and think that everyone is best without her... and NOAH? GOD AND NOAH???
    Sorry but my emotions just came right up when i saw this.. Sorry...

  8. I would love to be made ​​a movie of the trilogy! ... I have read the first book and delighted me and I begin to the sequel! ... Luck!

  9. Okay, this may sound weird........BUT I'M IN LOVE WITH NOAH!!!!! AND MARA!!!!!!!!!!!AND JOSEPH!!!!!! AND JAMIE!!!!! okay, so i guess what i'm trying to say here is that i'm in love with the whole (Darn) BOOK!!! I swear to gosh i just read the two books in the series THIS YEAR and i have already re-read them at least seven times!

  10. I have read many many books, but the first two in your trilogy are among my absolute most favorite of all time. I am so excited to discover that you blog! Can't wait for the third!



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