Michelle Hodkin

New York Times bestselling author for Young Adults


Michelle Hodkin is the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of the Mara Dyer and Shaw Confessions series. Her books have sold more than half a million copies in print in America, and have been published in sixteen languages and eighteen territories abroad.

She is Floridian by birth, enjoys horse riding in Scotland and is continuing to write Mara Dyer novels and other new works.

Praise & Reviews

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Author image Cassandra Clare

“Haunting and dreamlike, the intrigue and romance of Mara Dyer will inescapably draw you in.”

Author image Veronica Roth

“The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer strikes a rare balance of darkly funny, deliciously creepy and genuinely thoughtful. One minute I was laughing out loud, and the next, I was so scared I wanted to turn on all of the lights and hide under the covers. Michelle Hodkin’s talent and range are obvious, from her chilling descriptions to romantic scenes that almost crackled on the page. I’ve never read anything quite like it.”

Author image LA Times

“There are echoes of Stephen King’s classic Carrie in this young-adult series kickoff… Hodkin’s transitions from the mundane to hallucinated horror are unexpected, seamless and creepy, packing the same sort of cinematic punch as scenes from The Blair Witch Project… Hodkin ratchets up the suspense with cliffhanger chapter endings that keep pulling readers through the action. Part of this novel’s allure is the curiosity it engenders about Mara’s condition: Does she have PTSD, or is she criminally insane? Discerning the truth is just part of the pleasure of reading the delightfully bent reality in The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer.”

Author image MTV

“It’s the story of a girl trying to piece together what happened the night she, her best friend, her boyfriend and his sister spent the night in an abandoned asylum and only she survived, unscathed but traumatized. And it’s the story of a girl trying to start over again after her family picks up and moves to Miami, all for her sake. And it’s the story of a girl falling in love with the super-cool British bad boy with a rep for breaking hearts. Be careful, ‘cause you’ll fall right along with her”

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